Current research projects led by staff and PhD students of the Department of Hydrobiology

Principal InvestigatorFunding SourceProject TypeNumberTitleExecution Time
Pełechaty MariuszNCNOPUS 122016/23/B/NZ8/00635The role of aquatic vegetation in the carbon accumulation and deposition in bottom sediment: a comparative analysis of charophyte and vascular vegetation2017-2020
Brzozowski MichałMNiSWDIAMOND GRANTDI2015 017045Recovery of the population of an endangered charophyte species Lychnothamnus barbatus in the light of climate change2016-2020
Cerbin SławomirNCNHARMONIA2015/18/M/NZ8/00119The effects of warming and eutrophication on emissions of methane and its importance in lake food webs2016-20120
Dziuba MarcinNCNPRELUDIUM2015/17/N/NZ8/01570Global warming effects: Adaptive capability of Daphnia longispina complex to elevated temperature2016-2019