The Department of Hydrobiology’s laboratory, algae and cyanobacteria cultivations

The Department of Hydrobiology cultivates (1) chosen species of cyanobacteria and chlorophyte; (2) chosen taxons of zooplankton; (3) chosen species of macroscopic plants. Images taken by Aleksandra Walas, 2nd year BA student of biology.

Research on coastal lakes of the Słowiński National Park

Research on the lake plants of the SNP are conducted by the Department’s Staff (dr hab. M. Gąbka, dr A. Rybak) since 2016 as part of the research project “Application of multisensoral remote sensing data in the mapping of vegetation of Słowiński National Park”. The project is carried out in collaboration with MGGP Aero and the Univesity of Łódź, among others.

Photos: M. Gąbka, A. Rybak

Hydrobiologists during field research

The images in the gallery were taken during research and scientific excursions fulfiled as part of the Department’s research projects.

Photos: M. Gąbka, S. Cerbin, A. Rybak, L. Burchardt

Underwater landscapes

Photos: M. Gąbka

Peatlands of Western Pomerania and Wielkopolska region

Photos: M. Gąbka

Gallery of algae

Photos: A. Pełechata

Photos of A. Rybak